Will the Rise of the Vine Star Mean the Death of Blogs?


This is an excellent new piece about how apps like Vine and Snapchat enable new artists to gain followings and reach huge audiences without the backing of any major gatekeepers like blogs, radio, or mainstream media. It’s definitely worth a read – especially if you grew up on blogs and find yourself lost on Snapchat and Vine – but here are some of the big takeaway points:

1. Marketers would do well to realize that longform anything won’t translate well to younger audiences. 

The best Vines have distilled comedy and irony into their purest forms – not a second wasted or out of place. They succeed because you immediately get the point and any further explanation would kill the joke.

2. It’s easier for new artists to get lucky enough to gain exposure on Vine – though keeping that attention is another story entirely.

Save for a few compelling personalities, Vine is an endless series of one-hit wonders. With memes and fads, it’s the idea that’s more famous than the individual behind it.

Even if their idea lives on, curated by comedians, parodies, and e-famous Vine celebrities the artist themselves might fade away into obscurity unless they come up with another hit.

3. Mainstream media will take more and more cues from the Internet.

The article hints at a sort of fusion between online entertainment and mainstream media. They’ll both have definite influences on each other that empower users and make gatekeepers less and less relevant:

“We’re used to celebrities and major media corporations introducing popular trends, but dances like The Whip, Yeet and the fairly new Dabbin are created by the unfamiliar, ordinary teens, and somehow reaches the people sitting on thrones.”

This is the future of omnichannel, and it’s moving at an incredible pace. Apps like Vine are the newest experiments in the Internet testing ground of fads and memes, and with them, we’re able to see faster than ever what tests well with audiences and what doesn’t at basically zero cost.

Everyone can become a marketer with a cell phone, an internet connection, and a little bit of ingenuity.




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