The Psychology of Social Media


This new piece by Courtney Seiter for Business2Community offers popular science explanations behind the immense attraction of social media.

Based on a slideshow she presented at last month’s Mozcon, Seiter talks about the chemical roles of oxytocin and dopamine in making users feel rewarded when their Facebook posts receive new Likes. She also explores the underlying psychology of objects and things in the creating identities for ourselves and others.

The last act of the presentation covers social media phenomena such as emojis, selfies, and nostalgia, and how they are closely tied to self-expression and the idealization of past moments. The whole thing is a fascinating read, and brings to mind a quote from old-school ad man Sir John Hagarty:

“Selling, Sir John told me, is “an emotional occupation. It’s an art. And therefore you have to have your sales messages constructed in such a way that appeals to people. And information goes in through the heart. We are emotional creatures. We are not logical.”

Check out the slideshow above, and then read the author’s informative Business2Community write-up by clicking the link below.


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