Mobile Addicts Multiply Across the Globe


A new study by Flurry Mobile reports that the number of people who use an app 60 times or more per day is at 280 million and increasing fast. As one infographic from the study puts it, if all of the “mobile addicts” in the world formed a country it would be the fourth largest in the world, right behind the United States.

via Flurry Mobile

via Flurry Mobile

What this means is that the mobile channel, for its immediate and always-on connectivity, looks to become the dominant channel, especially for messaging/social apps and utilities. The portability and real-world interactivity of these apps also have a distinct advantage over being rooted to a PC or even a laptop.

Luckily for marketers and app designers, the convenience and instant gratification of mobile technology has proven itself to be a gold mine for advertising. Facebook, for example, makes the majority of its income on mobile ads – its acquisition Instagram alone is projected to make over $1 billion in mobile ad revenue by 2017.

Mobile advertising has several personalization advantages over traditional PC ads:

  • More likely to be seen throughout the day and on the go
  • Browser, app, and Internet activity can be tied to one person
  • Ads can more precisely suit location data
  • App connectivity with Facebook logins allow developers to gain insight about their users

Check out the link below for the rest of the study, which contains some charts to put the insane number of mobile addicts into perspective.


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