Hootsuite founder Ryan Holmes on live streaming apps for business


The live streaming apps Meerkat and Periscope have yet to revolutionize social media, but Hootsuite founder Ryan Holmes speculates that these new channels are more than just passing fads and will find their place as business and marketing tools.

Holmes speculates that these streaming apps will allow brands to communicate the energy and hype of live events to viewers, who will then echo the event throughout their personal social media channels. The hope is that we won’t have to wait for major news outlets to release footage of press conferences, launch days, and important speeches – instead, we’ll be able to participate as if we were really there.

The Hootsuite founder has also used Meerkat’s live streaming services to promote the work culture of his own start-up, broadcasting footage to attract potential employees and investors. He closes the piece by reminding us that while we now see Twitter as a crucial part of our social media presence, it once had humble beginnings of “just” an app for posting random thoughts and pictures of food.


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