INFOGRAPHIC: What marketers can learn from women’s media consumption habits.


The crew at AdWeek has put up a new infographic about how women use media in 2015, based on an Insights in Marketing study of 2,500 women ages 18 – 67. Here are some takeaways:

As expected, the Internet is the most popular resource for news and connectivity.

The two most popular devices used to go online were the laptop (74%) and smart phone (67%). Of course, this means that sites targeting women must be optimized for mobile if they aren’t already. Since 69% of the women interviewed reported that they use the web for discovering new products and brands, it’s important for marketers to keep this channel on point in order to maximize their reach to women.

Facebook was by far the most popular social media site.

It was also reported that women are most likely to share “funny things” and personal photos/videos than they are to share news or educational resources. When you’re advertising something and mean for it to be shared, consider a humorous and individually customizable approach to reach your female customers.

You can find more stats and check out the infographic here:


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