Facebook’s new Hello app steps up against Google


The new Facebook app Hello is billed as a Rolodex for your smart phone, promising to modernize phone calls and increase Facebook screentime on mobile devices.

Downloading the Android-exclusive Hello app will show you the Facebook profile pic, name, and number of whoever’s calling you, even if they’ve never personally given you their number. You will also be given the ability to call  all of your Facebook friends that have made their phone numbers available. If you miss a call, you’ll be given the option to respond over Messenger.

It also allows you to call businesses nearby without leaving the app, something that’s easy to see Facebook monetizing in the future. Make no mistake, this is a power move by the social media giant that expands their reach across channels and increases their ability to gather customer information. It’s also prudent that the app’s interface has users seeing more of the Facebook brand and less of the Android’s OS – definitely a conscious choice, and it’ll be interesting to see how (or if) Google responds to this service.


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