Will Facebook Live Be The New Big Thing?


There’s no doubt Facebook has become a quintessential social media platform. It’s been quite interesting to witness the copious amount of changes and makeovers Facebook has made over the past decade. It’s not just a place to share photos, videos, play games and let the world know what you’re eating for dinner. Facebook is a popular go-to place for businesses, both large and small, to create and maintain a strong online presence. And now, with the recent additions to Facebook Live, companies will have the option to go live in Facebook Groups and Events. It’ll be like having a personal TV camera in your pocket with the option to broadcast live to anyone in the world.

Approximately 40 million companies rely on Facebook to advertise, engage with customers, sell products and expand marketing campaigns. With extended features on business pages, you’re able to utilize insights, create a fan base, observe algorithms, collect data, and promote your page, site or post with various price point options. Based on these findings, companies are able to decipher what’s capturing the attention of their audience and alter their content to feed the masses.

What exactly is capturing their attention and what do they want more of? Visual. At one time, photos were enough, but now, videos have inched their way to the top. How many times have you found yourself watching video after video after video? They grab our attention and quench our thirst for small bursts of entertainment. With mobile apps easily accessible for live video streams, including Facebook Live, it’s providing companies with a whole other angle of connecting with their customers and holding their attention. Imagine a local restaurant taking you behind the scenes and creating a sneak peek menu item? Or, on a larger scale, question and answer sessions with company managers and CEOs. With Facebook Live, you’ll be able to do all of that and more.

There is a good possibility that Facebook Live, and other live streaming options on social media platforms, will have a profound impact on how companies advertise in the future. According to a recent article in USA Today, “Facebook is placing big bets on 360-degree or “spherical” footage and live streaming — tempting new distractions to keep people glued to Facebook where they already lap up 100 million hours of video each day. At stake for Facebook: video ads that command higher prices and could position Facebook to crack open that big pot of dollars that marketers spend on television.”

Facebook Live will have some interactive features that will allow you to provide live reactions, comment in real time and invite friends to watch live streams with you. These new Facebook Live features are expected to roll out on iOS and Android over the next few weeks. I’m almost willing to bet, in the months ahead, Facebook Live will experiment and launch additional features to enhance the user experience both on a personal and business level.

What lies ahead for Facebook Live? Only time will tell. Live streaming is a competitive feature on social media platforms. With Periscope, StreamUp, YouNow, etc. already in the game, it’ll be worth staying tuned for the latest updates and insights.


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