Uber Says It Can Deliver Food in NYC in 10 minutes



Uber’s new service allows its drivers to make extra money by delivering food from Uber-partnered restaurants. The service is still limited to a small selection of a few ready-made items, but will favor consumers who are looking for speed over choice. This recent expansion is part of Uber’s metamorphosis into true Big Data company, one that connects with customers at multiple touchpoints in order to build a more captivating brand experience. From the article:

“…this is yet another way that Uber is flexing its muscles not just as a transportation powerhouse, but as a full-scale logistics company. ‘We’re trying to build products at the intersection of where your lifestyle meets logistics,’ Droege says. And food, of course, is a significant part of people’s lifestyle.”

Combining data about what restaurants people like to go to with the existing location data Uber already tracks will continue to grow the service’s ability to cater to their customers’ needs and preferences – the very definition of marketing personalization.




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