What You Can’t Type on Facebook


Tsu.co is a social media network that promises its users 45% of the ad revenue they generate, as opposed to the 0% offered by Facebook. It’s an interesting idea for generating buzz around the name, since it incentivizes users to self-promote as much as possible.

Since Tsu is a direct competitor of Facebook, and its users were basically spamming their friends’ walls, newsfeeds with ads and self-promoting fake accounts, it is now impossible to post or mention “Tsu.co” on your Facebook wall, Instagram, or Messenger app.

It’s perfectly understandable that Facebook wants to maintain integrity on its site, and prevent it from becoming a hub for spammy referral links. Tsu users that create fake accounts would also interfere with the powerful targeted marketing algorithms that Facebook uses to create segmented user groups and sell ads.

That said, Facebook’s enormous influence on the Internet – between its popular apps, upcoming projects, and Internet.org effort – means that any kind of censorship that affects the whole site has global consequences. It’s a slippery slope to look out for.


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