The Tech Behind Each Letter in Google’s Alphabet


To commemorate Google’s move to huge tech conglomerate Alphabet, TechCrunch has put out a new slideshow of what each letter stands for. In case you hate slideshows, here are the companies listed out in one page:

  • A is for Alphabet
  • B is for Boston Dynamics
  • C is for Calico
  • D is for Deepmind
  • E is for Google Earth
  • F is for Google Fiber
  • G is for Google Glass
  • H is for Hangouts
  • I is for Google Ideas
  • J is for Jump VR
  • K is for Knowledge Graph
  • L is for Life Sciences
  • M is for Makani
  • N is for Nest
  • O is for “Ok Google” voice commands
  • P is for Project Loon
  • Q is for QUIC Protocol
  • R is for reCAPTCHA
  • S is for Skybox Imaging
  • T is for Titan Aerospace
  • U is for Google URL Builder
  • V is for Autonomous Vehicles
  • W is for Project Wing
  • X is for Google X
  • Y is for YouTube
  • Z is for ZygoteBody

So, what we have here: imaging, robots, life extension software, virutal reality, streaming video, energy, drones, Internet service, voice recognition, DDoS attack tracking, augmented reality, and more . When the sheer variety of industries is listed out like this, it’s easy to see why the move to Alphabet will allow the-company-formerly-known-as Google to explore fields that aren’t directly related to search without diluting the Google brand.

Check out the full slideshow and some descriptions of these companies by clicking the button below.


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