The 7 Best Tactics For Personalizing Bulk Messages


Stop me if you’ve heard this one: it’s been a long day, and you open up  your inbox only to feel your eyes glaze over as you are overwhelmed by generic subject lines. You sigh, and start hauling digital junk mail into your recycle bin: “Trash. Spam. Trash…” Ad nauseum.

As a citizen of the digital age yourself, you know that people are more likely to respond to messages that have been personalized. Buyers don’t necessarily expect brands to be their friends, but they do expect email content that addresses them as people rather than just wallets with a pulse. That’s what marketing personalization is all about.

This new post from Sabel Harris at Business2Community offers us tips on personalizing email messages, even when we send them in bulk. The author cites studies demonstrating that even minor details – such as addressing a person by their name, considering the timing of the message, and simply having an approachable reply address – can have a profound effect on Open and Click-Through Rates.

Check out the article. Save our delete keys.




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