Google+: No, Seriously, We Hardly Knew Ye


Google+ is under new management and set to dissolve into two separate services, one for photo sharing and another for social streaming. Details are scarce, but this article from VatorNews has valuable insight about the mistakes behind Google’s attempt at supplanting Facebook, and what new features could possibly redeem the G+ suite.

It’s unfortunate that Google+ couldn’t establish itself as a premiere social media service despite being integrated with two of the most popular websites on the planet, Google and YouTube. The social network failed after repeatedly ignoring complaints from beta testers, overloading the mobile site with clunky features, and doing little to understand the motivations, wants, and needs of active social media users.

We’re excited to see how Google will pick up the pieces with sleeker, simpler apps for photos and streaming, but the lesson to be learned here is that no brand is large enough to make up for the lack of customer attention. Tragically, for all of its resources and capabilities, it turns out that the one thing Google couldn’t find is an audience for G+.


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