Reimagining email in the cross-channel mix


Though email hasn’t changed much in the past decade, the world around it has. But despite the infatuation that new marketers have for mobile and social channels, the humble email is still one of the most cost-effective and reliable marketing tools in the book.

According to this guest article from Kristin Naragon, Director of Email Solutions at Adobe, email is still an integral part of an omnichannel solution and shines most when it is used as both a channel and a data source.

Perhaps the most insightful quote article from Adobe’s Kristin Naragon is this:

“Having a dialogue with a consumer doesn’t mean you have to send more messages — you can carry a conversation simply by demonstrating an awareness of the consumers’ interests informed by data.”

Yes: just like email itself supplanted direct mail, the old-school “batch and blast” has been now outshined by new omnichannel technologies. However, when email is used creatively and redefined within the context of new channels, we see that it’s still a useful tool for any marketer.




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