Pandora’s new ad program could change the commercial as we know it


Internet streaming service Pandora has been testing its Sponsored Listening advertising service since 2014 to positive feedback, promising to take up 15 seconds of their users’ attention for an uninterrupted hour of streaming music.

IC: Pandora

IC: Pandora

This could change the nature of the commercial as we know it. Instead of presenting a short video or audio clip that viewers could skip, Sponsored Listening demands more active engagement on the viewer’s part and asks them to interact with swipe-able slideshows and 360 degree models of new products. The attention-span that this requires, even for less than a minute, has been met with positive reviews from testers and has had a measurable ROI for investors.

If Pandora’s new Sponsored Listening program takes off, imitators will definitely look to produce content that’s not only engaging but interactive, asking viewers to participate instead of just being passive viewers.

You can read more of the press release here:


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