London Real interview with Natalie Nahai, web psychologist


The London Real podcast has brought on excellent guests in the past, but this one in particular is interesting to watch from the perspective of a digital marketer.

Natalie Nahai is a web psychologist, and author of Webs of Influence: The Psychology of Online Persuasion. In the book, she uses her background in psychology and neuroscience to explore how the digital age has shifted marketing from a local practice to a high-speed global one.

It also explores how people perceive what we post, and what keeps them returning – from the dopamine trigger of the Facebook Notifications button to how different colors and layouts are psychologically perceived by international cultures. One point brought up in the podcast, for example, was how the American Coca-Cola website could be seen as sparse to Japanese consumers, and the Japanese website could be seen as too dense or cluttered. The difference is obvious in the screenshot below:

Screenshots via Coca-Cola

Screenshots via Coca-Cola

There are a lot of other interesting points made that are useful for digital marketers and consumers alike – and as we generate more and more digital data in both our work and personal lives, the line between the two is constantly getting blurrier.


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