Google’s ARC Welder Gives You A Glimpse Of An Android-Anywhere Future


Google’s new developer tool, the App Runtime for Chrome (ARC) allows you to run Android apps without an actual Android phone.

This is a great step in democratizing app programming, making it easier for developers to test their apps on larger screens and receive feedback from testers who might not have an Android device.

“Essentially, ARC Welder can vastly reduce the time and energy it might take for
a developer to bring an app onto the desktop (or laptop, or MacBook, or Chromebook, or Chromebit…). Considering the Google Play Store’s robust library, not to mention the popularity of the Chrome browser across nearly every computing platform, this kind of tool could potentially give app developers a huge leg-up in terms of spreading their wares.”

In short, the ARC welder (even in its beta stages) promotes a more interconnected omnichannel experience. Between this and Microsoft expanding its audience by opening up access to its products, it seems that a running theme in the tech world is seamless interaction between channels.


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