Big data is personalizing corporate healthcare


Major corporations are using personalization data to cut healthcare costs and keep their employees healthier.

Personalization has obvious clear benefits in the field of marketing, but this powerful technology is already adapting to fit multiple fields. FastCompany reports that certain major corporations are reconsidering how individualized healthcare plans based on data collected from physicians, surveys, and demographic analyses are more cost-effective than generalized healthcare plans.

Wearable devices, improved mobile phone scanners, and accessible demographic data are just some of the factors that make tracking an individual’s health data easier and more cost-effective than ever. This directly translates into savings in corporate healthcare plans.

This analytic technology currently requires a scope of data that is better suited for larger populations. That said, increasingly cheaper technologies and a generally higher self-awareness of health will likely fuel this trend of personalized healthcare (along with other avenues for personalization) in the future.


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