Omnichannel Lessons of 2015



NectarOM CEO Amrit Kirpalani has just released a recap of 2015, covering omnichannel developments that defined the industry and what he’s taken away. Topics include the fantastic upward eCommerce trends observed on Black Friday/Cyber Monday, the growth of Facebook and Instagram in mobile channels, the “Adblock Crisis” of 2015, and more. The piece is filled with fantastic marketing personalization insight and acts as a great reminder of what’s important to keep in mind this 2016.

“We should be happy to live in a time where our products and services can reach a global audience. That said, each one of our hundreds of thousands of customers has a unique set of preferences when it comes to communicating with your brand.”

Given the endless amount of options that your customers have access to online, it’s important for remove as many barriers to communications as possible. Making your customer experience seamless across all channels will make them happy and absolutely drive your revenue.”

The main takeaway is that as much as marketing has grown, seamlessness in the customer experience is a huge priority and so are the social media and mobile channels. Increasing loyalty and engagement with your brand is a matter of creating authentic and lasting relationships with each customer, something that we should all try to keep in mind as we create our deliverables, send our messages, and work towards making our businesses and clients as successful as possible.


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