3 omnichannel trends with identity as their core


This new article from VentureBeat outlines three trends that will define omnichannel for the next few years:

  1. Mobile Commerce (mCommerce): Between tablets and smart phones, more than half of all ecommerce transactions are expected to be completed on mobile channels by 2018. As such, it’s especially important for omnichannel marketers to have a single, unified view of each customer regardless of what profile they use.
  2. The Internet of Things: Over 25 billion devices, ranging from your bed to your toothbrush to your fridge, are expected to be connected to the Internet by 2020. The intercommunication between all of your household items will use data from your everyday routine to literally change your life.
  3. TV Everywhere (TVE): The rise of Smart TVs, and the replacement of broadcast TV towards services like Netflix and HBO Go signal the rise of TV Everywhere: a personalized, on-demand experience accessible over multiple channels. Cord-cutters will find that their apps, browser and viewer histories will lead to new recommendations for shows and commercials based on past behavioral data.

You can read more detailed analysis of these omnichannel ideas here – don’t get left in the dust.


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